Chairman of Indonesia Farmers Association (HKTI)

Farmers Greetings,

The opening of access of ASEAN Economic Community and the development of Industrial Revolution 4.0 have demanded the agriculture industry in South East Asia region, to unlikely collaborate in order to survive despite the change arising in business realm.

Food resilience and security is an important issue in the world, in line with the rapid growth of global population.  It is a key factor for many economic activities in the world. Improvement of technology and innovation in agriculture sector will indeed create an opportunity and an advancement of agriculture productivity towards food sovereignty and state security.
With that, the Indonesian Farmer Association (HKTI) has given its support consciously and in a well-planned manner to the matter. As part of the nation’s element which works in agriculture sector, HKTI always shoulders a big ambition to realize Indonesia’s food sovereignty.

Indonesian Farmer Association (HKTI) will again hold the 2nd ASIAN AGRICULTURE AND FOOD FORUM 2020 (ASAFF 2020) from 12-14 March 2020 at the Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta. Themed Asian Agriculture Collaboration in Global Economic Competition, the 2nd ASAFF 2020 intends to develop Asia’s agriculture and agribusiness synergy and collaboration to contribute to Asia and Global market; to establish mutual cooperation between countries in arranging the trade in agriculture sector between Asian Countries (Cross Trading); to start up a business cooperation between companies in ASEAN in developing technology and market in Asia and globally.
We invite state and business leaders in Asia to develop this activity together as an awakening moment of Asian agriculture.
Let us, the stakeholders, participate actively and be present and give a big contribution to Asia’s food resilience.

General TNI (Ret) DR Moeldoko


Secretary General of Indonesia Farmers Association (HKTI)

May peace be upon us all.

As a nationwide social organization in Indonesia, Indonesia Farmers Association (HKTI) has many roles. Two important roles are as rural farmers movement and control tools as well as their empowerment and education ground.

Through ASAFF 2020 event, HKTI stays in front to implement its important roles and optimizing every contribution and effort for the success of this event.

The success of this event is also the success for all stakeholders to achieve better revenue, prosperity and life value of farmers, rural and other agricultural community.

Major General TNI (Ret) Bambang Budi Waluyo, S.Sos, M.Si


Chairman of ASAFF 2020

May peace be upon us all.

First of all, let us voice our praise and gratitude to the graceful and bountiful Allah SWT, making the first ASAFF successfully organized in 2018, participated by 10 countries comprising 105 participants with 110 booths, and attended by 448 conference participants, 55 medias, and 5,089 visitors in 3 consecutive days, and this year, for the second time, we are able to organize The 2nd Asian Agriculture & Food Forum (ASAFF) 2020.

Year 2020 is a year when the government arrives in its transition stage, and as the consequence, ASAFF 2020 refers to the vision and mission of the President-elect.   Apart from that, it also takes into account the 2045 Indonesian Vision leading to a sovereign, just and prosperous Indonesia.  ASAFF 2020 will also become an event to showcase the accomplishments of players in agriculture, livestock and fishery industry and how they adopt to the up-to-date technologies in the effort to welcome the 4th Industrial Revolution. This will resonate in the theme, namely “Asian Agriculture Collaboration in Global Economic Competition.”

We hope that with a preparation undertaken earlier than last year, the 2nd Asian Agriculture and Food Forum 2020 will be better organized and be beneficial especially for the stakeholders in agriculture, livestock and fishery sector and will strengthen the food resilience towards food sovereignty, especially in the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.

May Allah SWT always bless our joint effort.

Dr. Muhammad Rifqinizamy Karsayuda, SH, LLM